About Us


The HAITIAN story is about a team of frame construction experts who understand that creating an excellent frame takes craftsmanship, dedication and most of all understanding. Understanding where and how customers are using frames to enhance the physical effects of graphics is what makes us special. We are framing experts, simply put and we do it well.
For over 10 years we have been crafting and mastering this entire process and this experience and dedication to the craft is what makes us so special. HAITIAN is a brand that emphasizes practical design, ease of use and longevity in its designs. We know the stakes when looking for the right frame for your business needs and hard produced work. The design is everything, and making sure that your graphics are comfortably placed in the most professional and elegant fashion is what is important to us.
HAITIAN is a brand that provides professional display solution. We are your neighborhood framing professionals. HAITIAN is here to support your business and creative needs.

Why choose HAITIAN

The reasons you should choose HAITIAN poster product
Advertisement always plays an important role in our customer`s life. Today's marketers have a host of advertising choices available to them, in both online and offline channels. If you are looking for an offline advertisement solution for your business, HAITIAN is definitely your worth choice.
You can put your stands everywhere, which makes them most visible from the advertising. So your target audience will be attracted by your posters immediately. 
Our banner stand is retractable, you can move it wherever you want. And our wall mounted poster frame, you can switch posters without taking it off from the wall.
Posters are massively versatile according to size, style, and layout. It’s also possible to use QR codes, coupon codes and website links to bridge the gap between the print and the online worlds.
Perfect advertising, great for holding graphics in a simple and easy to use straight forward design that elevates your images to the next level.